Politique et gouvernement

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The Independence of the Prosecutor

Par (auteur) Laszlo Sarkany
Catégories: Institutions internationales
Séries: Law and Society

The establishment of the International Criminal Court was a singular, even revolutionary, achievement. Uniquely within the realm of international criminal justice, the ICC prosecutor can initiate investigations ...

Rethinking Free Speech

Par (auteur) Peter Ives
Catégories: Contrôle et libertés politiques

Clashes over free speech rights and wrongs haunt public debates about the state of democracy, freedom and the future. While freedom of speech is recognized as foundational to democratic society, its meaning ...

The Consulting Trap

Par (auteur) Chris Hurl & Leah B. Werner
Catégories: Gestion-conseil

The Consulting Trap does a deep dive into how governments have become hooked on private consultancy firms with dire consequences for democratic decision-making, public accountability and accessible public ...

What Works, What Doesn't (and When)

How well do behavioral science interventions translate and scale in the real world? Consider a practitioner who is looking to create behavior change through an intervention – perhaps it involves getting ...

North of America

In 1941, influential US publishing magnate Henry Luce declared the world was in the midst of the first great American century, believing his nation held the power and vision to lead and transform the ...

Nostalgic Virility as a Cause of War

Why do great powers go to war? Why are non-violent, diplomatic options not prioritized? Nostalgic Virility as a Cause of War argues that world leaders react to status decline by going to war, guided by ...

Indigenous Legalities, Pipeline Viscosities

Indigenous Legalities, Pipeline Viscosities examines the relationship between the Wet’suwet’en and hydrocarbon pipeline development, showing how colonial governments and corporations seek to control ...

Eroding a Way of Life

Par (auteur) Murray Knuttila
Catégories: Politique et gouvernement

An analysis of how neoliberal policies have radically restructured farming in Western Canada.

The establishment of a Western Canadian economy dominated by family farming was part of the government’s ...


Par (auteur) Dustin Galer
Avant-propos de Judy Rebick
Catégories: Réalités sociales du handicap

Beryl Potter was a reserved working-class mother of three living a decent life, or so it seemed, when a harmless slip and fall marked the unravelling of everything that she had known about herself and ...