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Twelve-year-old Gillian has always dreamed of attending a horseback riding camp. But now that she’s going, she’s terrified. Will she make friends? Will she keep up with the other girls’ riding skills? When she finds herself stranded in the wilderness she must face her fears, summon her courage and believe in herself. Will it be enough to save her?


“Sari Cooper’s first 'Camp Canyon Falls Adventure' novel offers both adventure and drama for young readers, and it would be a good fit for both struggling and grade-level readers. The pace is good, the writing is descriptive without being flowery, and any horse-riding terminology is explained clearly but doesn’t overtake the story. Overall, The Horse of the River would make a solid addition to a young adult library collection, especially for horse-lovers, and I’ll be looking for future 'Camp Canyon Falls Adventure' titles. ” —Allison Giggey, Canadian Review of Materials, October 4, 2019

- Allison Giggey

The Horse of the River fits in with the long list of horse stories that children just can’t seem to get enough of. If you know a girl who loves horses and summer camp, this is a story that will appeal. And if your child gets hooked, there are more books to come, Cooper reveals: 'The camp will face a risk in the future. There may be some changes to the surrounding landscape that threaten the environment and spook the horses, putting the kids at risk. '

If Sari Cooper had the goal of writing a book filled with a cast of strong positive female characters, she has succeeded. ” - Margot Fedoruk, the Ormsby Review, October 22, 2019


- Margot Fedoruk