Nature et vie sauvage (Jeunesse)

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A Picnic in the Rain

A rainy day in spring is the perfect time for the snail family to go out on a picnic. Carrying a basket of provisions and some toys, the snails set off under the most delightful downpour. But no sooner ...

Before We Stood Tall

Par (auteur) Jessica Kulekjian
Illustré par Madeline Kloepper
Catégories: Écosystèmes (Jeunesse)

Expressive text and art tell the story of the life cycle of trees as it has never been told before — in reverse. Here’s a poetic depiction of the life cycle of trees, told one step at a time, based ...

Burt the Beetle Doesn't Bite!

Par (auteur) Ashley Spires
Illustré par Ashley Spires
Catégories: Romans sur la nature (Jeunesse)
Séries: Burt the Beetle

A hilarious story about one bug’s quest for greatness (with some cool insect facts mixed in!). Meet Burt, a ten-lined june beetle. He’s sure he has a superpower like other insects. No, he can’t ...

My Very Own Garden

Par (auteur) Nicholle Carrière
Catégories: Jardinage (Jeunesse)

Kids love playing in the dirt, so why not focus their play by helping them create their own special garden. They will love to plant the seeds, watch them sprout and then enjoy the fruits of their labours. ...

Les forêts

MÖBIUS, a non-fiction series like no other, presents historical facts, wacky information and simple solutions to help the environment. Funny sketches and hyper-realistic illustrations share the pages ...

Journey Around the Sun

Par (auteur) James Gladstone
Illustré par Yaara Eshet
Catégories: Système solaire et espace (Jeunesse)

This story of Halley’s Comet, told from the comet’s own perspective, ties the history of the renowned astronomical phenomenon of Halley’s return every 75 years with our own human history. A variety ...

Elephants Do Not Belong in Trees

Par (auteur) Russ Willms
Catégories: Romans sur la nature (Jeunesse)

Elephants Do Not Belong in Trees. It’s not natural. It makes other animals uncomfortable. This is the story of Larry, an elephant who wanted to live in a tree. This is a story about being the new kid ...

Pollution plastique

Par (auteur) Andrée Poulin
Illustré par Jean Morin
Catégories: Écosystèmes (Jeunesse)
Séries: Point Doc

Après l’âge de pierre, l’âge du bronze et l’âge du fer, nous sommes maintenant à l’ère du plastique. Car on le retrouve partout. Autant le plastique est merveilleux, autant il est une menace ...

The Winter Party

Par (auteur) Kim Thompson
Illustré par Vanessa Forte
Catégories: Romans (Jeunesse)

The Winter Fairy is preparing a big party. She sends Little Snowman to deliver invitations to all the animals living near the castle. The brave Little Snowman must walk a long way, convince hesitant guests, ...

Do Lizards Eat Ice Cream?

Par (auteur) Etta Kaner
Illustré par Jenna Piechota
Catégories: Nature et vie sauvage (Jeunesse)

Do koalas run through sprinklers? Do ants sit in front of air conditioners? No! But in ultra-hot weather, animals, like humans, have adopted creative ways of beating the heat. Written in question-and-answer ...