Hot, Wet, and Shaking

How I Learned to Talk About Sex

Par (auteur) Kaleigh Trace
Catégories: Biography & Autobiography
Éditeur: Invisible Publishing
Paperback : 9781926743479, 144 pages, Août 2014

Table des matières

An Introduction, Dear Reader

Fresh-Faced and Orgasm Free

The Lady & The Butch

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Tricycle

What’s In a Name? My Big, Wide Cunt

Looking For Blood

(Not) Moving Like A Dyke (Always) Dressing Like A Femme

The Moment at Which  One Has Gone Too Far

The Tale of the Wooden Dicks

An Epilogue, Dear Reader

A Bag of Dicks

And the Warmth  Spread Over Us

La description

Winner of the 2015 Evelyn Richardson Non-fiction Award

This is a sex book. It’s a book about having sex by yourself, with one person, or with twenty people if everyone is down. It’s about saying words like cunt, fuck, and come. But it’s also about the things we don’t talk about—the mystery, the expectations, and the bullshit that can go along with sex. Kaleigh Trace—disabled, queer, sex educator—chronicles her journey from ignorance to bliss as she shamelessly discusses her sexual exploits, bodily negotiations and attempts at adulthood, sparing none of the details and assuming you are not polite company.


  • Winner, Evelyn Richardson Non-fiction Award 2015


Hot, Wet, and Shaking is written in the tone of a trusted and cheeky friend, confessing secrets that shake loose their shame when spoken aloud. This is not the sex advice of a poised, multi-orgasmic, inaccessible, or clinical expert, but rather the honest musings of a woman in a pair of yesterday’s dirty jeans.”National Post

“Hot, Wet and Shaking is… a funny, fast and absorbing read; powerful, empowering, and so important.”Pickle Me This

“This book is a much needed lighthouse that guides us all with love and laughter.”Broken Pencil

“Honesty, self-awareness, a wicked sense of humour, an unflinching sense of the ridiculous. You generally need all of these to be able to talk as candidly about your sex life as Kaleigh Trace has done… she sheds light on sexual stories and scripts we don’t usually get to hear but which are a part of a lot of people’s lives.”—Ready, Sexy, Able

Hot, Wet & Shaking is laugh-out-loud funny in some parts, incredibly touching in others (pun partially intended)… Trace’s book is like a talk with an old friend you can share anything with.”—Sexual Health Lunenburg

Hot, Wet, and Shaking is an important read…This book fights the myths about sex and disability and starts discussions that are long overdue.”The Dialog

“Trace has learned to talk about sex and she has learned to do it extremely well.”The Coast

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