Into the Hurricane

Attacking Socialism and the CCF

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Born in the prairies, from the ravages of the Depression, the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation was a new political party that offered a socialist vision and idealistic belief that Canada could rebuild itself to become better and more fair than ever before. The CCF grew to the point that, by 1943, a national poll found that it was Canada?s most popular party. But it?s success bred fear among those on the political right, including Big Business, the progressive Conservative Party, and religious leaders who all created an anti-Socialist, anti-CCF campaign that ruthlessly sought to destroy the idea and the party. That campaign was joined and exploited by the Communist and Liberal Parties that attacked from the left. The attacks created a hurricane, which, by 1949, had damaged Canadian socialism and the CCF to the point where prospects for electoral success waned and seemed to die. Into the Hurricane invites Canadians to consider how their political opinions and options are manipulated now by considering how they were manipulated then. As Canadians fight for the future of health care, public education, and social programs that have become woven into the fabric of our political culture, when CCF leader Tommy Douglas is lauded as the Greatest Canadian, the book asks Canadians to consider the hurricane that destroyed the party that was attempting to bring forward ideas so many now consider our birthright.