Literacy 101

Questions and answers that meet the needs of real teachers in K-12 classrooms

Par (auteur) David Booth
Avant-propos de Larry Swartz
Catégories: Formation des enseignants, Enseignement supérieur, Éducation, Sciences humaines et sociales
Éditeur: Pembroke Publishers
Paperback : 9781551383156, 124 pages, Juin 2016

La description

Drawing on 40 years of teaching, literacy guru David Booth answers teachers’ real questions on reading and writing.

In this expansive new book, literacy guru David Booth answers real questions from real teachers about turning research and theory into best practice—from phonics to comprehension, from simple exercises to rich reading materials. More than just a guide to reading and writing in the classroom, David writes frankly about what has worked—and not worked—for him in the classroom, and how what looks good on paper may need to be adapted to fit reality. Literacy 101 is both an invaluable handbook for literacy teaching and learning, and a chronicle of personal growth over a career in the classroom.