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This Is How We Teach Reading…And It's Working!

**A week-by-week, step-by-step program**

This timely book offers a clear and structured method for integrating explicit phonics instruction into K–3 classrooms. An essential guide for teaching reading, ...

Leading Through Spirals of Inquiry

Par (auteur) Judy Halbert & Linda Kaser
Catégories: Formation des enseignants

Experienced educators Judy Halbert and Linda Kaser expand on their previous work in this all-new book for school leadership teams. Written for teams ready to get started—or keen to go deeper—this ...

Managing Student Behavior

Par (auteur) Marsha Costello
Catégories: Formation des enseignants

Managing Student Behavior provides an in-depth understanding of student behavior, including identifying factors that trigger and maintain negative, disruptive actions and attitudes. It provides an overview ...

Deepening In-Class and Online Learning

This timely book shows teachers how to make learning joyful as they translate successful classroom strategies to virtual learning. More than 60 step-by-step strategies encourage interaction, foster inclusion, ...

Making Math Stick

Par (auteur) David Costello
Catégories: Formation des enseignants

This remarkable book shows teachers how to stop working harder and start working smarter. It describes a shift from “teach-test-move-on” to “teach-connect-apply” to optimize student learning. ...

The Autism Lens

Par (auteur) Kara Dymond
Catégories: Formation des enseignants

The Autism Lens helps teachers connect to students with autism and support them along their own unique trajectory. Numerous easy-to-use, classroom-tested strategies are explored in this comprehensive ...

Teaching Tough Topics

Par (auteur) Larry Swartz
Catégories: Formation des enseignants

Teaching Tough Topics shows teachers how to lead students to become caring citizens as they read and respond to quality children’s literature. It focuses on topics that can be challenging or sensitive, ...

Invitations to Play

Par (auteur) Anne Burke
Catégories: Formation des enseignants

Our youngest learners thrive when their learning environment is one that celebrates curiosity, exploration, and imagination. This comprehensive resource sets the stage for play-based learning that will ...

Word by Word

Par (auteur) Larry Swartz
Catégories: Formation des enseignants

This practical guide is designed to help students discover why words matter as they build vocabulary; gain confidence to spell new and difficult words; develop word recognition and process unfamiliar ...

Teaching Well

Par (auteur) Lisa Bush
Catégories: Formation des enseignants

How can teachers balance the needs of busy classrooms with the needs of their own health and well-being? This timely book suggests that teachers can reduce the amount of time they work outside the classroom ...