Narratology in Practice

Par (auteur) Mieke Bal
Catégories: Art performance, Arts non-graphiques, Disciplines des Beaux-Arts, Arts
Éditeur: University of Toronto Press
Hardcover : 9781442650367, 232 pages, Octobre 2021

Table des matières

List of Illustrations
List of Figures

I. Text: Signs

Preliminary Remarks

1. The Narrator
2. Non-Narrative Comments, Argumentative Narratives
3. Description
4. Levels of Narration

Remarks and Sources

II. Transition: Between Text and Society

Preliminary Remarks

1. Frame Narrative’s Invisible Frame
2. Con-Fusing Meanings
3. Between Narrative and Theatre
4. Con-Fusing Media

III. Story: Aspects

Preliminary Remarks

1. Temporality
2. Characters
3. Space 157
4. Focalisation

IV. Transition: Media in Dialogue

Preliminary Remarks

1. Novel and Film: A Two-Way Street
2. Text Making and Thinking Image
3. Image Making and Thinking in Images
4. Merging Everything

Remarks and Sources

V. Fabula: Elements

Preliminary Remarks

1. Events
2. Actors
3. Time
4. Location

No Conclusion
Remarks and Sources

Index of Names and Titles
Index of Concepts

La description

This companion to the international classic Narratology: Introduction to the Theory of Narrative makes the well-known theory useful not only in literary studies, but in other disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, including visual arts, cinema, photography, political texts, historical documents and historical writing, and methodological texts. Narratology in Practice demonstrates that narrative is not bound to language: it is present everywhere in modern culture.