Rosa's District 6

Par (auteur) Rozena Maart
Catégories: Fiction
Éditeur: Mawenzi House
Paperback : 9781894770163, 240 pages, Janvier 2004

La description

In Cape Town’s District 6, despite the brutality of apartheid laws, the lives of people go on. In these five connected stories, the central character is a precocious little girl called Rosa. Through her adventures in the neighbourhood we come to meet and know the District and its many colourful inhabitants - Mamma Zila, Auntie Flowers, Mrs Hood and Uncle Peter - and their confusing, enigmatic lives, and all too human quirks. "’No Rosa, No District Six’ is a terrifically ferocious story about a young girls sudden education in the erotic lives of women. " - The Globe and Mail"The story [‘No Rosa, No District Six’ is startlingly clear and intimate. " -Kingston Whig-Standard"… a writer in our midst with radical style and uncommon courage. The ability to engage the reader passionately in her narrator’s experiences, which she demonstrates … makes Maart a writer to watch. " -The Ottawa Citizen


"Maart observes the human costs of apartheid and homophobia with a keen eye." --The Globe and Mail

"Consistently compelling." --NOW