Tiger Girl (Hu Nu)

A Creative Memoir

Par (auteur) Lien Chao
Catégories: Biography & Autobiography
Éditeur: Mawenzi House
Hardcover : 9780920661925, 240 pages, Janvier 2001

La description

Born in the year of the Tiger, Hu N, an unwanted female child, is nearly given away as a one-year-old bride in a Chinese village. She grows up during the turmoil of the Cultural Revolution, when traditional values are challenged by the politicized young, and nonconformity is repressed with brute humiliation, examples of which she witnesses daily in her neighbourhood and in her school. Hu N joins the Red Guard movement more out of fear than conviction, later to reject it bitterly for its senseless cruelty. Using first-person and third-person narratives, Lien Chao captures thirty-five years of recent Chinese history through the gripping stories of Hu N and her generation as they surive both political repression and outdated attitudes to women. Tiger Girl (Hu N) is the first volume in a proposed trilogy by Lien Chao depicting a generation of Chinese women whose courage leads them through the decades of confusion and despair to new hopes and dreams.