The Limits of Labour

Class Formation and the Labour Movement in Calgary, 1883-1929

Par (auteur) David Bright
Catégories: History
Éditeur: UBC Press
Hardcover : 9780774806961, 286 pages, Novembre 1998

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Part 1: Class Formation, 1883-1913

1 From Cow Town to Hub of Industry

2 Social Divisions and Class Disposition

3 Class, Culture, and Politics

4 Unions and Strikes

Part 2: The Labour Movement, 1913-29

5 Depression and War, 1913-7

6 Economic Recession and Restructuring, 1918-24

7 1919: Revolt Reconsidered

8 Dissent and Descent: Labour Politics in Calgary, 1918-24

9 The Limits of Labour, 1925-9




La description


In a few short decades before the First World War, Calgary was
transformed from a frontier outpost into a complex industrial
metropolis. With industrialization there emerged a diverse and equally
complex working class. David Bright explores the various levels of
class formation and class identity in the city to argue that
Calgary’s reputation as a prewar centre of labour conservatism is
in need of revision.


This book makes an important contribution to our understanding of the history of both Canadian labor and the Canadian West. It weaves together both a wealth of primary documents and secondary sources to fashion a forceful argument about the character of the working class in early Calgary. For the academic reader interested in class formation in western Canada, this is a must-read book.

- Alvin Finkel

Bright's well-crafted work contributes usefully to the fast-developing study of local labor history in western Canadian cities . .. Recommended.

- M. J. Moore