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"Powerful words and graphics bring to life the regenerative spirit of ordinary people. " –Eden Robinson, author

Three young men—Flinch, Bryce, and Rupert—have vandalized their community and are sent by its Elders to live nine months on the land as part of the circle sentencing process. There, the young men learn to take responsibility for their actions and acquire the humility required to return home. But, when they do return, will they be forgiven for what they’ve done? Three Feathers explores the power and grace of restorative justice in one Northern Canadian community and the indigenous cultural legacy that can empower future generations.


this book presents some of the harsh realities faced by Canada’s Aboriginal communities... [It has] merits in exploring these issues through the medium of the graphic novel.

- Joanne Peters

[Three Feathers] is a narrative that is very empowering to share with youth, especially youth who live in communities that face a lot of challenges... [It shows how] youth have the potential to be powerful agents of change and can make a difference in their communities in the present moment, and I think we need to communicate that to them more often.

- Starleigh Grass

Van Camp, unsurprisingly, never stoops to caricature. His characters are emotionally complex, possessed of agency and sympathetically rendered... I don’t want to give away the ending. I will say, however, that I was surprised by it

- Ad Astra Comix

Van Camp and Mateus make another outstanding team of storyteller and illustrator. [Three Feathers] is strong and provocative.

- J.L. Slipak