Waiting for the Rain

An Iraqi Memoir

Par (auteur) Lamees Al Ethari
Catégories: Biography & Autobiography
Éditeur: Mawenzi House
Paperback : 9781988449906, 176 pages, Octobre 2019

La description

Lamees Al Ethari traces her transition from an idyllic childhood in a large extended Iraqi family to the relative stability of an exilic family life in Canada. Through memory fragments, flights of poetry, diary entries, and her own art, the author reveals the trauma suffered by Iraqis, caused by three senseless wars, dehumanizing sanctions, a brutal dictatorship, and a foreign occupation. This account also gives testimony to the Iraqi people’s resilience.


"This humane story of irrevocable loss and longing, of an everyday heroine in extraordinary circumstances, touches on urgent issues that are best grasped through narratives like this one." --Veena Gokhale, Herizons