La description

The laugh-out-loud journey of a little clown's wig

Hurry up! Momo the Clown is in a rush. He runs so fast to catch the bus that his hair flies off his head... Oh, no! Where did Momo's hair go?

A humorous story that takes young readers on an exciting adventure to find Momo the Clown’s hair through a busy town. On the way, they will encounter a host of amusing characters and their even more colorful dogs in silly situations that will keep children giggling until the last page.


"Transportation enthusiasts will enjoy spotting the many forms of transit found along the hair’s flight path (even a unicycle). The playful text has momentum built in with the pursuit of Momo’s hair, but Hamel’s quirky art steals the show. Dollops of bright colors, accented with squiggles, dots, and dashes, imbue the illustrations with fluidity and movement."

- Kirkus Reviews