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Civilizing the State

Par (auteur) John Restakis
Catégories: Économie politique

The liberal state is dead, long live the partner state

Across the world, the liberal nation state is on its knees. Rising inequality, deep political polarization, and the pervasive power of corporations ...

Organizing the 1%

Canada is ruled by an organized minority of the 1%, a class of corporate owners, managers and bankers who amass wealth by controlling the large corporations at the core of the economy. But corporate power ...

Capitalism: A Crime Story

Par (auteur) Harry Glasbeek
Catégories: Corruption du monde politique

A mugger says to a stranger, “Give me your wallet or I will beat you to pulp!” It is a crime. An employer says to a worker: “Adding lung-saving ventilation will reduce my profit. Give me back some ...

From Corporate Globalization to Global Co-operation

Par (auteur) Tom Webb
Catégories: Économie politique

The world needs a realistic alternative to capitalism that is equitable, sustainable and innovative. In a word, that alternative is co-operatives.

More than 250 million people around the world work for ...

Alberta Oil and the Decline of Democracy in Canada

In probing the impact of Alberta’s powerful oil lobby on the health of democracy in the province, contributors to the volume engage with an ongoing discussion of the erosion of political liberalism ...

The Servant State

Par (auteur) Geoffrey McCormack & Thom Workman
Avant-propos de David McNally
Catégories: Économie politique

In The Servant State, McCormack and Workman explore Canada’s experience through the “age of austerity” and highlight how this experience has been shaped by the exigencies of capitalist development ...

The Great Revenue Robbery

For decades, the right has flooded the airwaves and taken over the political podiums with its anti-tax hysteria. But Canadians are waking up to the simple truth that taxes are the price we pay for civilization, ...

Economic Democracy

Par (auteur) Allan Engler
Catégories: Classes sociales

Identifying capitalism as a system of privately owned corporations, this book envisions an alternative, more equitable form of economic organization within a democracy. Challenging the current system, ...

Global Capitalism in Crisis

Par (auteur) Murray E.G.  Smith
Catégories: Économie politique

Providing a Marxian analysis of the origins, implications, and scope of the current economic downturn, this critique of global capitalism argues that the ongoing crisis is not merely a result of overProduction ...

Profiting the Crown

Par (auteur) Matthew J. Bellamy
Catégories: Économie politique

Matthew J. Bellamy is lecturer in economics and history, Carleton University.