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Insurgent Ecologies

We are living through a world-rattling ecological inflection point, with an unprecedented consensus that capitalism is leading humanity into a social and ecological catastrophe and that everything needs ...

The Art of Focused Conversation, Second Edition

The essential, bestselling guide to designing and leading useful and effective group conversations, now completely revised and updated.

The Art of Focused Conversation is the quintessential theoretical ...

The Management of Innovation

Par (auteur) Alberto Galasso
Catégories: Entreprenariat

Despite the importance of innovation for the growth of firms, industries, and the national economy, the strategic tools available to effectively manage and create new technologies are often neglected ...

The Consulting Trap

Par (auteur) Chris Hurl & Leah B. Werner
Catégories: Gestion-conseil

The Consulting Trap does a deep dive into how governments have become hooked on private consultancy firms with dire consequences for democratic decision-making, public accountability and accessible public ...

How We Gather Matters

Par (auteur) Leor Rotchild
Catégories: Économies en développement

Grow your audience, shrink your footprint, change the world

Events can help educate, inspire, and connect us to our community, but all too often they escalate into resource-intensive glorifications of ...

What Works, What Doesn't (and When)

How well do behavioral science interventions translate and scale in the real world? Consider a practitioner who is looking to create behavior change through an intervention – perhaps it involves getting ...


Character is something intrinsic to us all; it forms and reveals who we are. Unbeknownst to many, character is foundational to our judgment, behavior, and leadership. As we tackle the grand challenges ...

Law at Work

Par (auteur) Harry Glasbeek
Catégories: Arbitrage et négociation

In a series of illuminating essays, the renowned Harry Glasbeek unpacks how law has been used to ensure that workers' aspirations are kept in check. Law at Work uncovers how the legal system, through its ...

Work Less

Par (auteur) Jon Peirce
Catégories: Gestion des ressources humaines

“Peirce tells the intriguing story of the battle for shorter hours … and why now is finally the moment for a breakthrough that would give us all more of the precious gift of time.” — LINDA McQUAIG, ...

Social Democracy, Capitalism, and Competition

Par (auteur) Marcel Boyer
Catégories: Économie politique

Our social democracies and welfare states face economic and governance challenges that threaten their very survival. Against this backdrop, Social Democracy, Capitalism, and Competition argues that a true ...