La Terre (Jeunesse)

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When the Ocean Came to Town

Par (auteur) Sal Sawler
Illustré par Emma FitzGerald
Catégories: Romans sur la nature (Jeunesse)

A love letter to the ocean, and to adapting to climate change, the newest picture book by award-winning creators Sal Sawler and Emma FitzGerald will inspire young readers to build better solutions, and ...

What to Bring

Par (auteur) Lorna Schultz Nicholson
Illustré par Ellen Rooney
Catégories: Romans sur la nature (Jeunesse)

A moving story about making tough choices when disaster strikes

Malia and her family are spending a day outside when they notice something strange. Huge white-and-gray clouds fill the sky, planes zoom ...

A Picnic in the Rain

A rainy day in spring is the perfect time for the snail family to go out on a picnic. Carrying a basket of provisions and some toys, the snails set off under the most delightful downpour. But no sooner ...

Fault Lines

Par (auteur) Johanna Wagstaffe
Catégories: La Terre (Jeunesse)

Earthquakes are a terrifying yet fascinating force of nature. Seismologist Johanna Wagstaffe takes you through her own journey of understanding the earth beneath our feet. Along the way, you’ll learn ...


Par (auteur) Wendy Pirk
Catégories: La Terre (Jeunesse)
Séries: Super Explorers

Super Heroes explore volcanoes. Why do volcanoes erupt? Where are the most volcanoes? Our Super Heroes take you inside a volcano to find out what it is, how it works, and how volcanoes can affect our ...

You Are Stardust

Par (auteur) Elin Kelsey
Illustré par Soyeon Kim
Catégories: La Terre (Jeunesse)

You Are Stardust begins by introducing the idea that every tiny atom in our bodies came from a star that exploded long before we were born. From its opening pages, the book suggests that we are intimately ...