Enjeux intimes et sociaux (Jeunesse)

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Le roman permet d’entendre le témoignage de victimes autant que d’agresseurs, de jeunes en quête de leur identité sexuelle. Il aborde la sexualité sous différents angles tout en dédramatisant ...

Mes parents se séparent

A scrapbook of activities and memories for dealing with change. This is a scrapbook not only for preserving precious memories of family life but also, through activities (drawing, writing, etc. ), for ...

Les forêts

MÖBIUS, a non-fiction series like no other, presents historical facts, wacky information and simple solutions to help the environment. Funny sketches and hyper-realistic illustrations share the pages ...

Les devoirs d'Edmond

Par (auteur) Hugo Léger
Illustré par Julie Rocheleau
Catégories: Mort et deuil (Jeunesse)
Séries: Carré blanc

Edmond is back from a trip that turned out to be a sad one. He must learn to live without his mother, while his father tries to hide his grief and his sister doesn’t seem to understand why their mom ...

La planète dont tu es le super z'héros écolo

Par (auteur) Florence-Léa Siry
Illustré par Sans Cravate
Catégories: Enjeux environnementaux (Jeunesse)

This book was especially written to make children want to become responsible super-zero-heroes. Florence-Léa Siry encourages them to discover all of the small actions that have a significant impact on ...

Le TDA/H raconté aux enfants

Par (auteur) Ariane Hébert
Illustré par Jean Morin
Catégories: Vie familiale (Jeunesse)

Leo is nine years old when he’s diagnosed with ADHD. “I have WHAT?” he asks himself. There’s nothing better than an illustrated story to explain to children the different aspects of ADHD.
Does ...

L'anxiété racontée aux enfants

Par (auteur) Ariane Hébert
Illustré par Jean Morin
Catégories: Émotions (Jeunesse)
Séries: Guides pratiques

Beatrice is troubled to learn that her ailments have a cause: anxiety. With the help of a zootherapy psychologist and her four-legged colleagues, the young girl discovers the different aspects of her ...

Le deuil de mon animal de compagnie

This pet scrapbook is a place where kids can preserve precious memories of their faithful friend (photos, anecdotes, details about its habits) and also express the emotions stirred up by its death through ...

Cocoa Magic

Par (auteur) Sandra Bradley
Illustré par Gabrielle Grimard
Catégories: Romans (Jeunesse)

In a cozy 1920s chocolate shop, the special ingredients in each perfect treat are empathy, generosity, and thoughtful acts of kindness.

Eight-year-old Daniel cherishes the hour he spends every morning ...