Enjeux intimes et sociaux (Jeunesse)

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The Horse Who Wanted to Fly

Par (auteur) Pamela Kleibrink Thompson
Illustré par Melissa Bailey
Catégories: Romans (Jeunesse)

Charlie had an ordinary name and lived on an ordinary ranch.
But Charlie was no ordinary horse.
Charlie knew he could fly.

But no one believed him.
The naysayers said,
"Ordinary horses do ordinary work. ...

The Outsmarters

Par (auteur) Deborah Ellis
Catégories: Romans (Jeunesse)

What can you do when the adult world lets you down?

Suspended from school and prone to rages, twelve-year-old Kate finds her own way to get on with her life, despite the messed-up adults around her. Her ...

Caillou: The Silver Knight

A Heartwarming Story on the Importance of Family Ties

Caillou is disappointed when his friend Sarah gets sick and can't come over to play. To cheer him up, Daddy tells him the story of a great knight who ...

Caillou: My Book of Feelings

Par (auteur) Dominique Payette
Illustré par WildBrain
Traduit par Flavie Boivin-Côté
Catégories: Romans (Jeunesse)
Séries: Caillou

Learn about emotions with Caillou

Discover emotions with Caillou. Joy, fear, anger, surprise...children experience a range of emotions every day, often several at the same time, and they sometimes find ...

Zia’s Story

Par (auteur) Shahnaz Qayumi
Illustré par Nahid Kazemi
Catégories: Romans historiques (Jeunesse)

"Take care of your mother," twelve-year-old Zia's father whispers to him just as he is arrested-never to be seen again. Soon afterward, the Russian army pulls out of Afghanistan, and the country falls ...

SOS Water

Par (auteur) Yayo
Catégories: Romans sur la nature (Jeunesse)

With humour and a touch of poetry, this picture book features a sailor named Lalo, and Rosa, a goldfish, dealing with the pollution caused by plastic water bottles. Lalo wants to find a safe and clean ...

This Table

Par (auteur) Alex Killian
Illustré par Brooke Smart
Catégories: Romans (Jeunesse)

For fans of Sophie Blackall’s Farmhouse comes a gorgeous story of one table and the life that grows around it.

This moving picture book traces a table and its transformation: from a seed to a tree to ...

Age 16

One of Ms. Magazine’s Most Anticipated Feminist Books of 2024

A powerful coming-of-age graphic novel about how mothers and daughters pass down—and rebel against—standards of size, gender, race, beauty, ...

Let's Get Creative

Par (auteur) Jessica Rose
Illustré par Jarett Sitter
Catégories: Enjeux sociaux (Jeunesse)
Séries: Orca Think

Environmental artists across the globe are using their creativity to help the environment and create a more sustainable world.

There’s no question that creating art makes our lives better. Just think ...

The Pie Reports

“Discusses illness and depression with gentleness that helps make the big feelings that can go with them less overwhelming. Touching and playful illustrations complement a story that handles themes ...