Émotions (Jeunesse)

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Caillou: My Book of Feelings

Par (auteur) Dominique Payette
Illustré par WildBrain
Traduit par Flavie Boivin-Côté
Catégories: Romans (Jeunesse)
Séries: Caillou

Learn about emotions with Caillou

Discover emotions with Caillou. Joy, fear, anger, surprise...children experience a range of emotions every day, often several at the same time, and they sometimes find ...

La petite robe rouge / Apje'ji'jk Mekwe'k Mtoqan / The Little Red Dress

Sakari loves to rummage through her grandmother?s house, but she still doesn't know what's hidden in the woven basket her nukumi keeps in the attic. Then, one day, she sees her nukumi in tears by the ...

Alone Together

Par (auteur) Petti Fong
Illustré par Jonathan Dyck
Catégories: Émotions (Jeunesse)
Séries: Orca Think

The world is facing an epidemic of loneliness.

The COVID-19 pandemic taught us new words, like isolation, quarantine and social distancing. In places like the UK and Japan, governments have appointed ministers ...

Otis & Peanut

Par (auteur) Naseem Hrab
Illustré par Kelly Collier
Catégories: Romans (Jeunesse)
Séries: Otis & Peanut

A quirky and iconic new series of stories about friendship and belonging, in the style of Frog and Toad

A long-haired guinea pig and a naked mole rat may seem like unlikely friends, but Otis and Peanut ...

The Invitation

Par (auteur) Stacey May Fowles
Illustré par Marie Lafrance
Catégories: Romans (Jeunesse)

Stacey May Fowles’ debut picture book is a whimsical, warmhearted story of how a super-special surprise can lead to anxiety — or invite imagination.

One beautiful fall day, Fern opens her mailbox and ...

What to Bring

Par (auteur) Lorna Schultz Nicholson
Illustré par Ellen Rooney
Catégories: Romans sur la nature (Jeunesse)

A moving story about making tough choices when disaster strikes

Malia and her family are spending a day outside when they notice something strange. Huge white-and-gray clouds fill the sky, planes zoom ...

The Little Prince: My Book of Feelings

Texte de Corinne Delporte
Illustré par Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
Catégories: Romans (Jeunesse)

Learn about emotions with The Little Prince

Discover emotions with the beloved character from author-illustrator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Joy, fear, anger, surprise...children experience a range of emotions ...


Par (auteur) Ruth Ohi
Illustré par Ruth Ohi
Catégories: Romans (Jeunesse)

A gentle wordless picture book about the difference a kind friend can make on a gray day.  

It’s a beautiful morning, but when Cat wakes up, the world feels gray. Cat wraps up in a blanket and hides ...

The Ugly Place

Par (auteur) Laura Deal
Illustré par Emma Pedersen
Catégories: Romans (Jeunesse)

From the author of In the Sky at Nighttime.

A child makes their way along the Arctic shoreline on a dark day. Everything around them seems as ugly as their mood, from the weather to the fish and mud. This ...

Little Moar and the Moon

Moar has always loved autumn—playing outside with his friends, feeling the weather get colder—but there is one thing about autumn that really worries Moar. The moon. The days become shorter and the ...