Enjeux sociaux (Jeunesse)

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Global Ocean, The

Par (auteur) Rochelle Strauss
Illustré par Natasha Donovan
Catégories: Enjeux environnementaux (Jeunesse)
Séries: CitizenKid

The global ocean is in trouble. This beautiful and important book explores the issues --- and what we can do to help.

Though we think of Earth's five oceans as separate and distinct, they are actually ...

Sky Wolf's Call

From healing to astronomy to our connection to the natural world, the lessons from Indigenous knowledge inform our learning and practices today.

How do knowledge systems get passed down over generations? ...

The Enchanted People

Par (auteur) Jennifer Pool
Illustré par David Dodson
Catégories: Contes et légendes (Roman jeunesse)
Séries: Children's Books

The Enchanted People is a humanitarian fairytale about a young girl named Wawatay who lives away from her village as an outcast because she is different. All the people in her village have an enchanted ...

Birds on Wishbone Street

Par (auteur) Suzanne Del Rizzo
Catégories: Romans (Jeunesse)

From the author of New York Times Notable picture book, My Beautiful Birds. Former Syrian-refugee Sami finds a sense of home in a new place caring for a bird with a new friend, “Moe. ” His experience ...

Les forêts

MÖBIUS, a non-fiction series like no other, presents historical facts, wacky information and simple solutions to help the environment. Funny sketches and hyper-realistic illustrations share the pages ...

Finding Home

Par (auteur) Jen Sookfong Lee
Illustré par Drew Shannon
Catégories: Migrations et réfugiés (Jeunesse)
Séries: Orca Think

People have always searched for a place to call home. In this book we explore the history of human migration, the current issues facing immigrants and refugees today, and the stories of people who have ...

The Wall and the Wind

In the middle of the twentieth century, in the middle of Eastern Europe, a young girl dreams of adventures far and near. One day, a huge wall appears that separates East from West, and dreamer from dreams. ...

The Stray and the Strangers

Par (auteur) Steven Heighton
Illustré par Melissa Iwai
Catégories: Romans (Jeunesse)

The first work for young readers by award-winning author Steven Heighton is a heartfelt early chapter book about a stray dog who befriends a young boy in a refugee camp on a Greek island. Based on a true ...

The King of Jam Sandwiches

Par (auteur) Eric Walters
Catégories: Romans (Jeunesse)

“Tug at the heartstrings and tickle the funny bone…This warm tale is definitely one for the keeper shelves. Highly recommended.”—School Library Journal, starred review

Thirteen-year-old Robbie ...