Romans sportifs (Jeunesse)

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Skating Wild on an Inland Sea

Par (auteur) Jean E. Pendziwol
Illustré par Todd Stewart
Catégories: Romans sportifs (Jeunesse)

Let’s go! Experience the magic of skating on wild ice.

Two children wake up to hear the lake singing, then the wind begins wailing … or is it a wolf? They bundle up and venture out into the cold, carrying ...

Jigging for Halibut With Tsinii

Based on Haida artist Robert Davidson’s own experiences with Tsinii (his grandfather), this tender story highlights intergenerational knowledge and authentic learning experiences. | Off the northern ...

On the Line

Par (auteur) Kari-Lynn Winters
Illustré par Scot Ritchie
Catégories: Romans sportifs (Jeunesse)

A boy overshadowed by a family of skilled hockey players finds an innovative way to shine. Problem-solving helps build confidence which everyone needs. This positive story about team “stewardship” ...

Collectors, The

Par (auteur) Alice Feagan
Illustré par Alice Feagan
Catégories: Romans sportifs (Jeunesse)

There’s room for just one final piece in Winslow and Rosie’s impressive collection of natural wonders. So, they set off into the forest in search of something extraordinary. They journey far — along ...

Horse of the River, The

Par (auteur) Sari Cooper
Catégories: Romans sur la nature (Jeunesse)

Twelve-year-old Gillian has always dreamed of attending a horseback riding camp. But now that she’s going, she’s terrified. Will she make friends? Will she keep up with the other girls’ riding skills? ...

My Life as a Diamond

Par (auteur) Jenny Manzer
Catégories: Romans (Jeunesse)

Talented baseball player Caspar “Caz” Cadman has a great arm and a big secret. No one knows that Caz used to live life as a girl named Cassandra. And it’s nobody’s business. Caz will tell his ...

How to Spot a Sasquatch

Jay’s determined to get a photo of Bigfoot on his camping trip—but none of his friends believe Bigfoot exists. Meanwhile, Sass the Sasquatch and her friends are playing practical jokes on the campers. ...

The Theory of Hummingbirds

Par (auteur) Michelle Kadarusman
Catégories: Romans (Jeunesse)

Cleo is the name 12-year-old Alba has given to her left foot, which was born twisted in the wrong direction. After one final surgery and one final cast, Cleo is almost ready to meet the world straight ...

Joseph's Big Ride

Par (auteur) Terry Farish
Illustré par Ken Daley
Catégories: Romans (Jeunesse)

A refugee boy’s determination to ride a bicycle leads to an unexpected friendship.

Joseph wants only one thing: to ride a bike. In the refugee camp where he lives, Joseph helps one of the older boys ...

Raging River

Par (auteur) Pam Withers
Catégories: Romans sportifs (Jeunesse)
Séries: Take it to the Xtreme

When Jake gets an opportunity be part of the crew for an eight-day whitewater rafting trip along the Cattibone River, he jumps at it. Not even the news that his kayaking rival, Peter, is coming along ...