A Haida boy learns important life lessons from his grandfather in this “love letter to Elders” (David A. Robertson).

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Based on Haida artist Robert Davidson’s own experiences with Tsinii (his grandfather), this tender story highlights intergenerational knowledge and authentic learning experiences. | Off the northern tip of Haida Gwaii, a boy goes fishing with Tsinii. As they watch the weather, jig for halibut, and row with the tides, the boy realizes there’s more to learn from Tsinii than how to catch a fish. | This book brings the Haida Sk’ad’a Principles to life through the art of Janine Gibbons.


  • Long-listed, First Nations Communities READ 2022
  • Short-listed, Mary Scorer Award for Best Book by a Manitoba Publisher 2022
  • Short-listed, Manuela Dias Book Design and Illustration Awards, Children’s Illustration 2022


Evocative and full of care, this beautiful book is an inspiring testimonial to the power of family relationships and the natural world.

- The Charity Report

My father said once that we cannot forget the importance of Elders. He was worried that we don’t respect them like we used to, and wanted that to change. This book is a love letter to Elders, who are our doorway to the past, to the traditions, languages, and ways of living that give us not just identity, but life. It is at once poetic and calming, in both its words and illustrations, and gifts knowledge to us from those that have been entrusted with it.

- David A. Robertson, Governor General's Award-winning author

Among The Globe and Mail's Kids' Books Gift Guide

- The Globe and Mail

A heartwarming story that shares a piece of Davidson’s life and culture with young readers. The writing is strong...pulling readers into the story. The illustrations are gorgeous [and] full of life.
Highly Recommended.

- CM Association

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Sara and Robert Davidson share a beautiful and tenderly written story that takes readers out for a day on the ocean with Robert and Tsinii (his grandpa). We are introduced to gaffs and jigging, the movements of the tides and skies, and the importance of traditional harvesting. Janine Gibbons’s artwork poetically captures the coastal atmosphere, and the love and care between grandson and grandfather. Absolutely stunning.

- Julie Flett, author/illustrator Birdsong

I love this story! Beautifully illustrated. Beautifully told.

- Katherena Vermette, The Girl and the Wolf

Among Top Recommended Reads for TD Summer Reading Club 2023

- TD Summer Reading Club