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Runaway Climate

Par (auteur) Steven Earle
Catégories: Changements climatiques

With tipping points and extreme global warming looming, the key to understanding our climate future lies in our distant past

With rising emissions, we are on track to cause rapid global warming with devastating ...

Foraging as a Way of Life

Par (auteur) Mikaela Cannon
Avant-propos de Nancy J. Turner
Catégories: La Terre

Find connection with the land and feed your family locally, seasonally, and sustainably

Nourish your family from nature's pantry. Foraging as a Way of Life documents twelve months of wildcrafting, featuring ...

Against the Seas

Par (auteur) Mary Soderstrom
Catégories: Changements climatiques

An incredible read.… While unflinching in her analysis, Soderstrom nevertheless gifts us with a message of hope and resilience. — MAUDE BARLOW, activist and author of Still Hopeful: Lessons from ...

In the Name of Wild

Par (auteur) Phillip Vannini & April Vannini
Avec Autumn Vannini
Catégories: La Terre

Five continents. Ten countries. Twenty Natural World Heritage sites in five years. In the Name of Wild is the story of what happened when one family set out to learn what wildness means to people around ...


Par (auteur) Erich Hoyt
Catégories: La Terre

When people hear the word "migration," they think of animals that move from a feeding area to a breeding area and back each year. But the greatest migration on Earth happens twice every night. The movement ...

Woman, Watching

From award-winning author Merilyn Simonds, a remarkable biography of an extraordinary woman — a Swedish aristocrat who survived the Russian Revolution to become an internationally renowned naturalist, ...

The World According to Dogs

With over one hundred dog cartoons and lighthearted accompanying text, this Rosetta Stone of retrievers will give both those with a new puppy and the most experienced dog people some helpful tips for ...

Flight from Grace

Par (auteur) Richard Pope
Catégories: Oiseaux et ornithologie

Human animals are despoiling nature and causing a sixth extinction on Earth. This book traces human reverence for birds from the Stone Age through the cultures of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Peru, and Greece ...

Spirits of the Coast

An insightful collection exploring the plight, past and promise of the Orca, powerful symbol of British Columbia’s wild coast and apex predator of all oceans.

Spirits of the Coast brings together the ...

Rain Comin' Down

Par (auteur) Robert William Sandford
Catégories: Faune sauvage

From one of the world’s foremost authorities on the connections between water, landscape, and our changing climate comes an intimate look at what drives one man’s obsession with the world’s most ...