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Ordinary Deaths

In Ordinary Deaths, Dr. Samuel LeBaron reminds us of our need for human connection when experiencing death and loss. Based on more than thirty years of working with children and adults dying from cancer, ...

Woman, Watching

From award-winning author Merilyn Simonds, a remarkable biography of an extraordinary woman — a Swedish aristocrat who survived the Russian Revolution to become an internationally renowned naturalist, ...


Édité par E. D. Morin & Jane Cawthorne
Catégories: Anthologies

Twenty-one women writers consider the impacts of concussion on their personal and professional lives. Their stories reveal the work that goes into redefining identity and regaining creative practice after ...

Journey of a Thousand Miles

Ruey Yu overcame near-starvation during the Second World War and became the co-founder of what would soon become multi-million-dollar skin care company NeoStrata. / Ruey Yu évite la famine qui déferle ...

Wait Time

Explores the profound connection between disease and creativity in how we cope with illness.

When poet and essayist Kenneth Sherman was diagnosed with cancer, he began keeping a notebook of observations ...

Alfalfa to Ivy

Par (auteur) Joseph B. Martin
Avant-propos de David Hubel
Postface de Ed Benz
Catégories: Biographies (science, technologie et médecine)

Joseph B. Martin traces his climb from a Mennonite farm in the village of Duchess, Alberta to Dean of Harvard Medical School in his memoir, Alfalfa to Ivy. Readers are rewarded with an intimate perspective ...

Sir Sandford Fleming

Sandford Fleming knew fame and many honours later in life, but the path was not always easy. His beginnings are revealed in these early diaries that record his thoughts as an eighteen-year-old leaving ...

Beyond the Hippocratic Oath

A pioneer in kidney transplantation in Canada in the late 1950s, Dr. John Dossetor was faced with making many ethical decisions in his ground-breaking research and practice in nephrology so it was with ...

Clinic of Hope

Par (auteur) Donna M. Ivey
Avant-propos de J. Patrick Boyer
Catégories: Biographies (ouvrages généraux)

This is the story of Rene M. Caisse of Bracebridge, Canada and describes her extraordinary perseverance to obtain official recognition of her herbal cancer remedy she called Essiac, her name spelled backwards. ...