Animaux domestiques et de compagnie

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Take Me Home

Par (photographe) Andrew Grant
Catégories: Chiens

"The portraits themselves are quite impressive -- sharply detailed color images photographed against a white background in a professional studio. They are best described as revealing character studies ...

K9 Obedience Training

In K9 Obedience Training, certified animal behaviour consultant and veteran search and rescue (SAR) dog handler and trainer Susan Bulanda shares the secrets of building an effective obedience training ...


Par (auteur) Andrew Grant
Catégories: Chiens

In 2009, Andrew Grant began photographing dogs, starting with two French bulldogs at an unrelated commercial “shoot. ” Then he discovered the sad fact that millions of lost or abandoned dogs enter ...

K9 Drug Detection

A comprehensive guide to training and deploying your drug-detection dog.

In the fight against illegal drugs, a well-trained K9 can be your most important asset. K9 Drug Detection gives trainers and handlers ...

K9 Behavior Basics

Understand dog behavior to work with, not against, your K9’s instincts. In this revised edition of K9 Behavior Basics, expert dog trainers Dr. Resi Gerritsen, Ruud Haak, and Simon Prins share the essentials ...

Pet Heroes

People often form strong attachments to the animals in their lives, and sometimes the connection is so deep that pets put their lives on the line for the ones they love. This collection of stories highlights ...

Amazing Animals

Animals have extraordinary minds capable of exceptional acts of perception, generosity, bravery, and kindness. Their connection with humankind gives us a glimpse into their world and their desire to share ...

Amazing Dogs

Par (auteur) Lisa Wojna
Catégories: Chiens

Our best friends. They can be pets or working dogs; they race for sticks and balls or find survivors of disasters, and they are the subjects of some of the most amazing and touching stories: * Employees ...

Pyrenean Partners

Par (auteur) Bryan D. Cummins
Par (photographe) Patricia Lore
Catégories: Chiens

Patricia Lore and Bryan Cummins take the reader on an historical and photographic journey into the development and contemporary use of livestock protection dogs and herding dogs—in particular, the Great ...

Colonel Richardson’s Airedales

Par (auteur) Bryan D. Cummins
Catégories: Chiens

This is the story of one man’s struggle to develop the British War Dog School. Richardson began experimenting with military and police dogs in 1898, and in 1910 began petitioning for a British military ...