Histoire de la médecine

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Healing Histories

Par (auteur) Laurie Meijer Drees
Catégories: Services de santé

Healing Histories is the first detailed collection of Aboriginal perspectives on the history of tuberculosis in Canada’s indigenous communities and on the federal government’s Indian Health Services. ...

Baba's Kitchen Medicines

Par (auteur) Michael Mucz
Catégories: Histoire sociale et culturelle

Michael Mucz’s prolonged primary research into Ukrainian-Canadian folk history culminates in Baba’s Kitchen Medicines. This book bursts with the cultural memory of pioneering folk from Canada’s ...

Dreams and Due Diligence

Par (auteur) Joe Sornberger
Catégories: Histoire de la médecine

In proving the existence of stem cells, Ernest Armstrong McCulloch and James Edgar Till formed the most important partnership in Canadian medical research since Frederick Banting and Charles Best, the ...

Beyond the Hippocratic Oath

A pioneer in kidney transplantation in Canada in the late 1950s, Dr. John Dossetor was faced with making many ethical decisions in his ground-breaking research and practice in nephrology so it was with ...

Margaret and Charley

Par (auteur) Henry B.M. Best
Catégories: Histoire de la médecine

Although Charles Best is known for discovering insulin, the story of his life neither begins nor ends with that one moment. Not only did he make many other discoveries, he was also one half of an extraordinary ...

Médecine(s) et santé

Par (auteur) Laurence Monnais-Rousselot
Catégories: Histoire de la médecine
Séries: PUM

La médecine et la santé sont au cœur de nos vies et de nos discours, certes, mais les interrogations entourant le rôle de la première dans la seconde restent nombreuses. C’est de cette relation ...