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Pathology Review and Practice Guide

Édité par Zu-hua Gao
Catégories: Pathologie

Ace your board exams with almost 4000 practice questions and enhance your pathology practice with compentency-based training tools

Prepare for licensing exams offered by the American Board of Pathology ...

Forensic Colonialism

Par (auteur) Mark Munsterhjelm
Catégories: Médecine légale

Forensic genetic technologies are popularly conceptualized and revered as important tools of justice. The research and development of these technologies, however, has been accomplished through the capture ...

Shop Class Hall Pass

Par (auteur) Karin Martel
Catégories: Psychopathologie

Karin Martel had never considered what happened to her in ninth grade shop class as sexual abuse. So when she is in a regularly scheduled, routine session with the department therapist to talk through ...

Wonder Drug

Could it be that the most remote frontiers of twenty-first-century exploration lie inside the human mind? Illustrated in kaleidoscopic full colour, Wonder Drug is the graphic history of a controversial ...


Through an honest retelling of interactions between a dedicated psychiatrist and his most challenging patient, Isaac, Damaged makes the inspiring case that health care would be both more compassionate ...

Falling Into Flight

Par (auteur) Kaija Pepper
Catégories: Consultation en psychothérapie

Falling into Flight offers insight into a life experienced through the arts: first as a young enthusiastic dancer, then as a thoughtful dance critic. After her parents die, Kaija starts psychotherapy ...

The Age of Fentanyl

Par (auteur) Brodie Ramin
Catégories: Pharmacologie

North America is facing a crisis. The first warning signs appeared in media reports of OxyContin abuse and over-prescription in the 1990s. Today, there is an opioid epidemic—fentanyl is the leading ...

Gross Morphology of Common Diseases

Édité par Zu-hua Gao
Catégories: Pathologie

The most comprehensive resource of macroscopic images of human diseases. With more than 1,000 macroscopic images of common human diseases, Gross Morphology of Common Diseases is an indispensable resource ...

Le profil Asperger au féminin

Par (auteur) Isabelle Hénault & Annyck Martin
Préface de Tony Attwood
Traduit par Cindy Villeneuve-Asselin
Catégories: Psychothérapie

Cet ouvrage a comme principal objectif de démystifier le syndrome d’Asperger au féminin et vise à éviter les diagnostics souvent erronés posés par les spécialistes qui méconnaissent les particularités ...

Les troubles des conduites alimentaires

Cet ouvrage, qui fait appel à une soixantaine de spécialistes canadiens et européens — médecins, psychiatres, psychoéducateurs, nutritionnistes, kinésiologues et professeurs-chercheurs —, décrit ...