Childhood Trauma, Adult Illness, and the Need for a Health Care Revolution

Table des matières


1. “The damage that I am”

2. “Fuckin’ dead weight”

3. “Drowning”

4. “Cure sometimes. Relieve often. Comfort always”

5. “You’re in it with me now”

6. “The closest thing to love”

7. Causes of causes

8. “Speak for me”

9. “Fever”

10. “Partialists”

11. “What are we doing here?”

12. Gifts

13. “It ends here”

14. “Help me”

15. Under siege

16. “Boohoo”

17. Running

18. “Who is going to give a shit?”

19. “I’ve got this figured out”

20. “I used to think that nothing could change”

21. The Care Revolution


La description

Through an honest retelling of interactions between a dedicated psychiatrist and his most challenging patient, Isaac, Damaged makes the inspiring case that health care would be both more compassionate and more effective if its practitioners acknowledged the role of trauma in the lives of patients. Above all, it recognizes the need for change in our medical system and urges those who know, love, and treat people like Isaac to be kind, to be empathetic, and to take action.


  • Commended, Foreword INDIES 2021 honourable mention for Health 2022


"Damaged is not for the faint of heart – many events from Isaac’s past can be hard to read. But those who persist will find much to consider."

- <em>Publishers Weekly</em>