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Horse-and-Buggy Genius

In both North and South America, many ultra-traditional Mennonites rejected the modern world, especially its icon the automobile. They became known as “horse-and-buggy” people. Historian Royden Loewen, ...

A Church with the Soul of a Nation

"As Canadian as the maple leaf" is how one observer summed up the United Church of Canada after its founding in 1925. But was this Canadian-made church flawed in its design, as critics have charged? A ...

Faith, Politics, and Sexual Diversity in Canada and the United States

For decades, agitation by lesbians, gays, and other sexual minorities for political recognition has provoked a heated response among religious activists in both Canada and the United States. In this remarkable ...

Losing Control

Par (auteur) Tom Warner
Catégories: Gouvernement central ou fédéral

Shedding a bright light on a dark side of Canadian politics, Losing Control critically examines Canada’s social conservative movement and discovers a reactionary, anti-reform insurgency of evangelical ...

Les sept enseignements sacrés

Par (auteur) David Bouchard & Joseph Martin
Par (compositeur) Swampfox
Illustré par Kristy Cameron
Préface de Dendreah
Traduit par Claire Jobidon & Huguette Le Gall
Texte de Jason Jones & Nancy Jones
Catégories: Religions tribales

This United Church of Ours

Par (auteur) Ralph Milton
Catégories: Christianisme

Except for Bibles and Hymnbooks, no other book has been read and appreciated by as many United Church poeple. From what to wear and where to sit in church to theology and ethics, Ralphm Milton covers ...

The Congrégation de Notre-Dame, Superiors, and the Paradox of Power, 1693-1796

Colleen Gray is adjunct professor, Canadian history, Queen’s University.

The Lord for the Body

James Opp is assistant professor, history, Carleton University.