Faith, Politics, and Sexual Diversity in Canada and the United States

Table des matières



1 The Difference that a Border Makes: The Political Intersection of Sexuality and Religion in Canada and the United States / David Rayside and Clyde Wilcox

Public Opinion

2 Culture War? A Closer Look at the Role of Religion, Denomination, and Religiosity in US Public Opinion on Multiple Sexualities / Shauna L. Shames, Didi Kuo, and Katherine Levine

3 A Twenty-Year Survey of Canadian Attitudes towards Homosexuality and Gay Rights / Amy Langstaff


4 “Civility without Compromise”: Evangelical Attitudes towards Same-Sex Issues in Comparative Context / Samuel Reimer

5 The Pro-Family Movement in Canada and the United States: Institutional Histories and Barriers to Diffusion / Tina Fetner and Carrie B. Sanders

6 Evangelicals, the Christian Right, and Gay and Lesbian Rights in the United States: Simple and Complex Stories / Clyde Wilcox and Rentaro Iida

7 Liberal, with Conservative “Vibrations”: African-American Protestants and the Struggle over Legal Rights for Gay and Lesbian Couples / Robert P. Jones and Daniel Cox

8 Canadian Evangelicals and Same-Sex Marriage / Jonathan Malloy

Mainline Protestants 

9 It’s All about Sex: The Roots of Opposition to Gay and Lesbian Marriages in Some Christian Churches / Pamela Dickey Young

10 Focusing, Framing, and Discerning: The United Church of Canada and the Same-Sex Marriage Debate / Roger Hutchinson

11 American Mainline Protestantism and Deliberation about Homosexuality / Laura R. Olson, Paul A. Djupe, and Wendy Cadge

Roman Catholicism 

12 Catholicism, Homosexuality, and Same-Sex Marriage in the United States / Ted G. Jelen

13 Roman Catholics and Same-Sex Marriage in Quebec / Solange Lefebvre and Jean-François Breton

Non-Christian Responses 

14 Paths from Emancipation: American Jews and Same-Sex Marriage / Kenneth D. Wald

15 Muslims and Sexual Diversity in North America / Momin Rahman and Amir Hussain

Political Parties

16 The Conservative Party of Canada and Its Religious Constituencies / David Rayside

17 The Politics of Marriage and American Party Politics: Evidence from the 2004 US Election / John C. Green

Rights Claiming 

18 The Supreme Court of Canada’s Attempt to Reconcile Freedom of Religion and Sexual Orientation Equality in the Public Schools / Richard Moon

19 Law, Sexuality, and Morality in the United States / Jason Pierceson


20 Cross-Border Parallels at the Political Intersection of Sexuality and Religion / David Rayside


A Canadian Legal and Institutional Context

B US Legal and Institutional Context





A timely, remarkable discussion of the interplay between faith and sexual diversity in Canada and the United States.

La description

For decades, agitation by lesbians, gays, and other sexual minorities for political recognition has provoked a heated response among religious activists in both Canada and the United States. In this remarkable comparative study, expert authors explore the tenacity of anti-gay sentiment, as well as the dramatic shifts in public attitudes towards queer groups across all faith communities in both the United States and Canada. They conclude that, despite the ongoing conflict, religious adherence does not invariably entail opposition to the political acknowledgment of queer rights.


Is religion the primary impediment to LGBT equality? This book puts the popular hypothesis to the test with a comprehensive investigation of a range of religious positions and their insertion into the political realm. Here is the one-stop reference for religious debates on sexuality and how they impact the legislative sphere.

- Barry Adam, co-editor of <EM>The Global Emergence of Gay and Lesbian Politics</EM>