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Powerful Thinking

Par (auteur) Adrienne Gear
Catégories: Formation des enseignants

An inspiring book to help teachers shift their beliefs and “stretch” their thinking around reading comprehension, literacy instruction, and content-area learning. Using the key concepts and strategies ...

Messing Around with Math

Par (auteur) David Costello
Catégories: Formation des enseignants

This book is filled with a range of problems that support student understanding of key math concepts. From word problems to open-ended rich tasks to real-world math problems, you will have a toolbox that ...

Managing Student Behavior

Par (auteur) Marsha Costello
Catégories: Formation des enseignants

Managing Student Behavior provides an in-depth understanding of student behavior, including identifying factors that trigger and maintain negative, disruptive actions and attitudes. It provides an overview ...

Making Math Stick

Par (auteur) David Costello
Catégories: Formation des enseignants

This remarkable book shows teachers how to stop working harder and start working smarter. It describes a shift from “teach-test-move-on” to “teach-connect-apply” to optimize student learning. ...

La relation d'attachement en classe

Par (auteur) Jennyfer Breault
Catégories: Encadrement éducatif
Séries: Didactique

Des recherches récentes ont montré les bénéfices d’une saine relation entre l’élève et son enseignant. Cette relation est l’une des conditions favorisant la réussite scolaire des élèves. ...

Sharing Breath

The field of embodiment theorizes bodies as knowledgeable in ways that include but are not solely cognitive. The contributors to this collection suggest developing embodied ways of teaching, learning, ...

The Craft of University Teaching

Par (auteur) Peter Lindsay
Catégories: Encadrement éducatif

What does university teaching—as a craft—look like? What changes does a craft perspective suggest for higher education? The Craft of University Teaching addresses these questions in both a general ...

Moving Math

Moving Math is a resource that focuses on “moving” the teaching and learning of mathematics by shifting instruction and assessment practices. The book describes how using key thinking skills helps ...

The Slow Professor

If there is one sector that should be cultivating deep thought in itself and others, it is academia. Yet the corporatization of the university demands increased speed and efficiency from faculty regardless ...

Substitute Teaching?

Par (auteur) Amanda Yuill
Catégories: Formation des enseignants

A survival guide for substitute teachers—with ready-to-use tools, tips and lesson ideas to get students on your side!

Get students on your side and make classroom management easier with this easy-to-read, ...