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Disrupting Breast Cancer Narratives

Par (auteur) Emilia Nielsen
Catégories: Sociologie

Disrupting Breast Cancer Narratives examines the power and potential of unruly personal breast cancer stories and what the disruptive elements of such stories do both personally and politically. The book ...

Inuit Stories of Being and Rebirth

Ujarak, Iqallijuq, and Kupaaq were elders from the Inuit community on Igloolik Island in Nunavut. The three elders, among others, shared with Bernard Saladin d’Anglure the narratives which make up the ...

La laisse du tigre

If a Bengal tiger anxiously splashes around in a small plastic pool in the summer and feeds on supermarket meat, is it still a tiger? By examining the troubled existence of so-called wild animals now ...

Miscarriages of Justice in Canada

Par (auteur) Kathryn M. Campbell
Catégories: Sociologie


Innocent people are regularly convicted of crimes they did not commit. A number of systemic factors have been found to contribute to wrongful convictions, including eyewitness misidentification, false ...

Tout ce que la science sait de la religion

Par (auteur) Daniel Baril
Catégories: Sociologie et anthropologie

La littérature scientifique regorge d’informations sur le phénomène religieux qui, malheureusement, atteignent rarement le grand public. L’auteur a parcouru des centaines de ces travaux et nous ...


Par (auteur) Sherine Hamdy & Coleman Nye
Illustré par Caroline Brewer & Sarula Bao
Catégories: Anthropologie
Séries: ethnoGRAPHIC

Lissa is the powerful story of two young women – one dealing with kidney failure and organ transplantation in Egypt, and the other with breast cancer genetics and prevention in the US. It is the first ...


Par (auteur) Naben Ruthnum
Catégories: Sociologie
Séries: Exploded Views

Curry is a dish that doesn’t quite exist, but, as this hilarious and sharp essay points out, a dish that doesn’t properly exist can have infinite, equally authentic variations. Following in the footsteps ...

Radical Transformation

Par (auteur) Kevin MacKay
Catégories: Engagement politique

Drawing on a vast knowledge of history, human evolution, philosophy, and modern complexity theory, MacKay tells a story that recognizes the marvels of human civilization while revealing its dark tendency ...

Redesigning Work

Par (auteur) Graham Lowe & Frank Graves
Catégories: Sociologie

Redesigning Work is a data-rich analysis of the state of Canada’s workers and their job market… This is an important book for employers, workers and policy-makers alike. ”Honourable John ...


Canada has never had an “Indian problem” but it does have a Settler problem. Through an engaging, and sometimes enraging, look at the relationships between Canada and Indigenous nations, the authors ...