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The Indigenous Stewardship of Environment and Alternative Development (INSTEAD) research program is a knowledge co-creation partnership of Indigenous communities, representative organizations, university ...

Food Mobilities

Bringing together multidisciplinary scholars from the growing discipline of food studies, Food Mobilities examines food provisioning and the food cultures of the world, historically and in contemporary ...

Echo Loba, Loba Echo

Par (auteur) Sonja Swift
Avant-propos de Winona LaDuke
Catégories: Anthropologie sociale et culturelle

A unique look at the cultural, environmental, historical, literary, metaphorical, and political role of the wolf.


Echo Loba, Loba Echo is a story about the metaphor of the wolf and how this is echoed ...

The Age of Insecurity

Finalist, 2024 Writers' Trust Shaughnessy Cohen Prize for Political Writing

These days, everyone feels insecure. We are financially stressed and emotionally overwhelmed. The status quo isn’t working ...

Walking Together, Working Together

This collection takes a holistic view of well-being, seeking complementarities between Indigenous approaches to healing and Western biomedicine. Topics include traditional healers and approaches to treatment ...

Exactly What I Said

Par (auteur) Elizabeth Yeoman
Catégories: Traduction

"You don’t have to use the exact same words.… But it has to mean exactly what I said.” Thus began the ten-year collaboration between Innu elder and activist Tshaukuesh Elizabeth Penashue and Memorial ...


Par (auteur) Richard Heinberg
Catégories: Changements climatiques

Power traces how humans have come to overpower the earth’s natural systems and to oppress one another, with catastrophic consequences. We must rapidly re-learn the lessons of power self-limitation rooted ...

Vivre plus simplement

Cet ouvrage montre comment celles et ceux qui s’engagent dans une transformation de simplicité se distancient de certaines normes sociales pour faire évoluer non seulement leur quotidien, mais aussi ...

Words of the Inuit

Words of the Inuit is an important compendium of Inuit culture illustrated through Inuit words. It brings the sum of the author’s decades of experience and engagement with Inuit and Inuktitut to bear ...