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The Age of Insecurity

Finalist, 2024 Writers' Trust Shaughnessy Cohen Prize for Political Writing

These days, everyone feels insecure. We are financially stressed and emotionally overwhelmed. The status quo isn’t working ...

Out of the Sun

History is a construction. What happens when we begin to consider stories at the margins when we grant them centrality? How does that complicate our certainties about who we are, as individuals, as nations, ...

All Our Relations

Par (auteur) Tanya Talaga
Catégories: Populations autochtones
Séries: The CBC Massey Lectures

In this year’s Massey Lectures, Tanya Talaga, the bestselling author of Seven Fallen Feathers and the 2017–2018 Atkinson Fellow in Public Policy, addresses the mental healthcare and youth suicide ...

In Search of A Better World

Part memoir and history as well as a call to action, In Search of a Better World, the 2017 CBC Massey Lecture, is a powerful and essential work on the major human rights struggles of our times by internationally ...

The Ethical Imagination

Science and technology force us to ask some of the most challenging and unprecedented ethical questions in the world today. These issues encompass what it means to be human, how we relate to others and ...

A Short History of Progress

Each time history repeats itself, so it’s said, the price goes up. The twentieth century was a time of runaway growth in human population, consumption, and technology, placing a colossal load on all ...

The Truth About Stories

Winner of the 2003 Trillium Book Award

"Stories are wondrous things," award-winning author and scholar Thomas King declares in his 2003 CBC Massey Lectures. "And they are dangerous. "

Beginning with a ...

The Triumph of Narrative

Par (auteur) Robert Fulford
Catégories: Études littéraires
Séries: The CBC Massey Lectures

Narrative has been central to human life for millennia, and the twentieth century has been preeminently the age of the story. Mass culture and mass leisure have enabled us to spend far more time absorbing ...