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Indigenous Legalities, Pipeline Viscosities

Indigenous Legalities, Pipeline Viscosities examines the relationship between the Wet’suwet’en and hydrocarbon pipeline development, showing how colonial governments and corporations seek to control ...

Buzz Kill

Cronyism, greed, and corruption trumped social justice and public health in Canada?s legalization of cannabis. How did we get here? Where are we going? More humane drug policy?which prioritizes public ...

Canada's Parliament

Par (auteur) Steven Chaplin
Édité par Gregory Tardi
Catégories: Pouvoirs exécutifs
Séries: Understanding Canada

Parliament is at the centre of the Canadian system of democratic government and law-making. This primer traces the roots of Canada’s Parliament in the United Kingdom and shows how it has developed a ...

Federalism in Canada

Par (auteur) Kathy L. Brock & Geoffrey Hale
Édité par Gregory Tardi
Catégories: Pouvoirs exécutifs
Séries: Understanding Canada

What does the concept of “federalism” mean and how does a federation differ from a unitary state? Professors Brock and Hale focus specifically on Canada as an example of a federal state and explain ...

The Recognition of Two Official Languages in Canada

Par (auteur) Michel Bastarache
Édité par Gregory Tardi
Catégories: Constitution
Séries: Understanding Canada

Official bilingualism comprises Canadians’ ability to deal with their own state authorities, and in matters of public life, in the official language of their choice. In The Recognition of Two Official ...

The Senate of Canada

Par (auteur) Gary William O'Brien
Édité par Gregory Tardi
Catégories: Pouvoirs exécutifs
Séries: Understanding Canada

The upper house of the Parliament of Canada plays a vital role in the political life of the country. The Senate reads, indeed on occasion amends, legislation enacted by the House of Commons. It originates ...

Political Law in Canada

Par (auteur) Gregory Tardi
Avant-propos de Patrick J. Monahan
Catégories: Pouvoirs exécutifs
Séries: Understanding Canada

Democracy implies the primacy of law over discretion and power. Several disciplines, in particular constitutional law and political science, offer traditional analyses of this reality. Political law is ...

In Defence of Copyright

Par (auteur) Hugh Stephens
Catégories: Droit d’auteur

Copyright is one of the cornerstones of western civilization; it is as relevant today, if not more so, than it was when the first formal copyright laws were enacted in the eighteenth century.

With the ...

Constitutional Crossroads

Four decades have passed since the adoption of the Constitution Act, 1982. Now it is time to assess its legacy. As Constitutional Crossroads makes clear, the 1982 constitutional package raises a host of ...

The High North

The High North is a groundbreaking collection of essays that shakes up widely accepted narratives about marijuana legalization in Canada. Featuring contributions from cannabis scholars and “practitioners,” ...