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The Independence of the Prosecutor

Par (auteur) Laszlo Sarkany
Catégories: Institutions internationales
Séries: Law and Society

The establishment of the International Criminal Court was a singular, even revolutionary, achievement. Uniquely within the realm of international criminal justice, the ICC prosecutor can initiate investigations ...

Constitutional Crossroads

Four decades have passed since the adoption of the Constitution Act, 1982. Now it is time to assess its legacy. As Constitutional Crossroads makes clear, the 1982 constitutional package raises a host of ...

The Strategic Constitution

Par (auteur) Irvin Studin
Catégories: Relations internationales
Séries: Law and Society

Historically, Canada’s Constitution has been principally viewed as a federal framework or a rights bulwark. Its framers did not intend for Canada to be a major player in the world and worldly matters ...

The Freedom of Security

Post-9/11 security measures have sparked fears that the West is violating the very civil rights it strives to protect. Debates centre on the United States, but how have the politics of security influenced ...

Aboriginal Title and Indigenous Peoples

Delgamuukw. Mabo. Ngati Apa. Recent cases have created a framework for litigating Aboriginal title in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The distinguished group of scholars whose work is showcased here, ...

A Perilous Imbalance

Par (auteur) Stephen Clarkson & Stepan Wood
Catégories: Droit international
Séries: Law and Society

Through an examination of Canadians' complicated roles as agents and objects of globalization, this book shows how Canada's experience of and contribution to globalized governance is characterized by ...

Constitutional Politics in Canada after the Charter

Since the Charter of Rights and Freedoms was introduced, Canada has experienced more than twenty-five years of constitutional politics and countless debates about the future of Canada. There has, however, ...

Protection of First Nations Cultural Heritage

Indigenous peoples around the world are seeking greater control over
tangible and intangible cultural heritage. In Canada, issues concerning
repatriation and trade of material culture, heritage site protection, ...

Contested Constitutionalism

Édité par James B. Kelly & Christopher P. Manfredi
Catégories: Law
Séries: Law and Society

The introduction of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms in 1982 was accompanied by much fanfare and public debate. This book does not celebrate the Charter; rather it offers a critique by distinguished ...

First Nations Cultural Heritage and Law

First Nations Cultural Heritage and Law explores First
Nations perspectives on cultural heritage and issues of reform within
and beyond Western law. Written in collaboration with First Nation
partners, ...