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The Boy's Marble

The Boy's Marble tells the story of experiencing a war through the eyes of a child. Separated as children during the Sarajevo Siege, the narrator meeets someone who reminds her of the boy even twenty ...

Call Me Stan

When King Priam’s daughter was fleeing the sack of Troy, Stan was there. When Jesus of Nazareth was beaten and crucified, Stan was there, one cross over. Stan has been a Hittite warrior, a Roman legionnaire, ...

Letters From Johnny

Par (auteur) Wayne Ng
Catégories: Littérature générale
Séries: Essential Prose Series

Set in Toronto 1970, just as the FLQ crisis emerges to shake an innocent country, eleven-year-old Johnny Wong uncovers an underbelly to his tight, downtown neighbourhood. He shares a room with his Chinese ...

Cardinal Divide

A father comes out to his daughter as a woman. Or at least, he was once a woman. It’s complicated. Funny. Painful. Eventually joyful. Meanwhile the daughter, who was adopted, has her own identity issues. ...

The Occidental Hotel

Par (auteur) John Mays
Présentation par Anne Collins & Richard Rhodes
Catégories: Littérature générale
Séries: Essential Prose Series

A brooding fugitive hides out in a crumbling hotel that was once filled with celebrities enjoying the successes of postwar America, reflecting on the ruins of the South and on the life of a German performance ...

The Transaction

De Angelis, an inscrutable northerner, is travelling to a small town perched somewhere in Sicily’s hinterland to negotiate a real estate transaction. While en route, the train he’s on mysteriously ...

The Afrikaner

Par (auteur) Arianna Dagnino
Catégories: Roman d’aventures
Séries: Essential Prose Series

Zoe Du Plessis's story unfolds against the backdrop of 1996 South Africa, caught in the turmoil of the transition from the Apartheid regime to the first democratically elected black government. A paleoanthropologist ...

Through The Sad Wood Our Corpses Will Hang

Par (auteur) Ava Farmehri
Catégories: Littérature générale
Séries: Essential Prose Series

At 20, Sheyda Porrouya’s life is almost over. Born in Iran on the day the mullahs declare the birth of the Islamic Republic, she witnesses the purging of all things Western and un-Islamic. Accused of ...

Waiting for Stalin to Die

Fleeing Stalin’s advance into Lithuania, shaken by communism and war, four refugees end up in Toronto in 1949. Trying to resume normal lives, longing for their country’s freedom, they wait to go home. ...

The New Vine

In post-WWII Italy, Passero, having lost his parents, kidnaps an orphaned girl and offers her up in exchange for his own freedom. His actions create a connection culminating in an adulterous affair in ...