Anatomy of a Liberal Victory

Making Sense of the Vote in the 2000 Canadian Election

Par (auteur) Andre Blais, Elisabeth Gidengil, Richard Nadeau & Neil Nevitte
Catégories: Political Science
Éditeur: University of Toronto Press
Paperback : 9781551114835, 241 pages, Mai 2002

Table des matières



  1. The Parties and their Messages
  2. The Media: Getting Out the Messages
  3. Why Was Turnout So Low?
  4. The Vote: Stability and Change
  5. A Multi-Stage Model of Vote Choice
  6. The Social Bases of Party Support
  7. Values and Beliefs
  8. Partisan Loyalties
  9. The Economy
  10. The Issues
  11. Liberal Performance
  12. The Leaders
  13. Strategic Voting

Appendix A: Multinomial Estimations of Vote Choice Outside Quebec

Appendix B: Multinomial Estimations of Vote Choice in Quebec

Appendix C: The Estimated Impact of Variables on the Propensity to Vote for the Parties Outside Quebec

Appendix D: The Estimated Impact of Variables on the Propensity to Vote for the Parties in Quebec

Appendix E: Description of Variables



La description

Anatomy of a Liberal Victory: Making Sense of the Vote in the 2000 Canadian Election provides a compressive account of the factors that led Canadians to vote the way they did in the Fall 2000 Canadian election, which resulted in a third consecutive Liberal majority government. The book explains the overall impact that these factors had on how well or poorly each of the parties did in the election. The authors address in particular the following questions: Why was turnout so low? What were Canadians’ perceptions of the economy and how much impact did these perceptions have on vote choice? What were voters’ opinions on the major issues of the day and did these opinions affect their decision on election day? What did voters think of the leaders and how much weight did these evaluations have on their choice?

The study is based on mass surveys, involving more than 3,000 respondents, conducted both during the campaign and after the election. It also draws on a detailed content analysis of the parties’ messages and nightly news broadcasts throughout the campaign and its aftermath.

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