Should We Change How We Vote?

Evaluating Canada's Electoral System

Édité par Andrew Potter, Daniel M. Weinstock & Peter Loewen
Catégories: Political Science
Éditeur: McGill-Queen's University Press
Paperback : 9780773548824, 248 pages, Avril 2017

An evaluation of the current electoral system in response to calls for its reform.

La description

During the 2015 federal election, the Liberal Party pledged that, if elected, they would end the “first past the post” electoral system, where whichever candidate receives the most votes wins a riding even if they have not received a majority of all votes cast. In early 2017, the Liberals reneged on their campaign promise, citing a lack of public consensus about how to reform the system. Despite the broken promise, and because of the public outcry, discussions about electoral reform will continue around the country.


“[Should We Change How We Vote?] should be read in preparation for future battles. ” Literary Review of Canada