Table des matières

Chapter 1
J. P. Lewis and Joanna Everitt

Chapter 2
Ideology, Strategy, and Organization in the Conservative Party of Canada
James Farney and Royce Koop

Chapter 3
The Conservative Turn Among the Canadian Electorate
Eric Bélanger and Laura Stephenson

Chapter 4
Private over public: A conservative approach to interest advocacy
Nicole Goodman

Chapter 5
Political Players or Partisan Pawns? Immigrants, Minorities and Conservatives in Canada
Erin Tolley

Chapter 6
Equality of Opportunity but not Result: Women and Federal Conservatives in Canada
Melanee Thomas

Chapter 7
With or Without You: Quebec, the Conservative Movement, and the Pursuit of Majority Government
Kate Puddister and James Kelly

Chapter 8
Protecting Private Property Regimes and ‘Canadian’ Territory: Conservative Approaches to Understanding and Reconciling Indigenous Claims to Land and Governance
Michael McCrossan

Chapter 9
The message despite the media? Conservative parties’ relationship with the press
Andrea Lawlor

Chapter 10
Conservative with the Constitution? Moderation, Strategy, and Institutional Distrust
Emmett Macfarlane

Chapter 11
More Than a Terrain of Struggle: Parliament as Ideological Instrument and Objective Under Conservatism
Jonathan Malloy

Chapter 12
A Wolf in Wolf’s Clothing: The Stephen Harper Ministry
J. P. Lewis

Chapter 13
Federal Feet and Provincial Pools: The Conservatives and Federalism in Canada
Anna Esselment

Chapter 14
Stephen Harper and the Radicalization of Canadian Foreign Policy
Shaun Narine

Chapter 15
Conclusion: A Moderate Turn to the Right With At Least One Enduring Consequence
Peter Russell

La description

In this collection, Lewis and Everitt bring together a group of up-and-coming political scientists, as well as senior scholars to explore the recent history of the Conservative Party of Canada, covering the pre-merger period (1993–2003) and both the minority and majority governments under Prime Minister Stephen Harper.


‘Highly recommended. ’

- G.A. McBeath

"Many books on the Harper years have the taint of polemic and hysteria. Not this one. I highly recommend it. "

- Thomas M.J. Bateman