Communications in Canadian Society

Par (auteur) Craig McKie & Benjamin D. Singer
Catégories: Language Arts & Disciplines
Éditeur: Thompson Educational Publishing
Paperback : 9781550771183, 330 pages, Janvier 2001

La description

Communications in Canadian Society, 5th Edition, provides a comprehensive overview and analysis of communications institutions in Canada. This edition has been thoroughly updated to take into account the changes taking place in information technology and the effects of this communications revolution in Canada and throughout the world. As with previous editions, this edition provides a diversity of analytical perspectives, with selections by leading authorities in communication studies, journalism, sociology psychology, political science, and economics. It also provides a strong mix of both classic and contemporary Canadian writing in the field. Primarily intended for use at Canadian universities and colleges, this book will also be useful to communications professionals and laypersons seeking a better understanding of the communications revolution.