La description

Jean-Marc Léger is an economist and president of the largest polling, research and strategic marketing firm in Canada. Jacques Nantel teaches at HEC Montréal. Pierre Duhamel is a journalist who specializes in economics.

This book is a key to unlocking the hearts, minds, and (why not) wallets of Quebecers! Most Quebecers come from a French culture and live in an English society. Quebecers are essentially humble Frenchmen, fun-loving Brits and peace-loving Americans. Over the last 30 years, Quebecers have revealed their most personal secrets, deepest fears, and greatest hopes in many, many studies. Léger posed more than 1,000 questions to Quebecers, Canadians, and Americans with a scientific and empirical approach. Using a new method called semiometry, he draws a new portrait of Quebec uniqueness. A surprising portrait, and one that doesn’t rest on easy assumptions, it will crack the code of Quebec for you.