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Big Mall

Par (auteur) Kate Black
Catégories: Culture populaire

A phenomenology of the mall: If the mall makes us feel bad, why do we keep going back? In a world poisoned by capitalism, is shopping what makes life worth living?

Kate Black grew up in West Edmonton Mall ...

Plundering the North

The manufacturing of a chronic food crisis

Food insecurity in the North is one of Canada’s most shameful public health and human rights crises. In Plundering the North, Kristin Burnett and Travis Hay ...

Prophets of Love

Leonard Cohen and the Apostle Paul might be imagined as brothers with wildly different characters but a strong family resemblance. Paul, the elder sibling, was awkward, abrasive, and zealous. Leonard, ...

The Compassionate Imagination

A radical reimagining of the role of art and culture in contemporary democracy, The Compassionate Imagination proposes a new Canadian Cultural Contract that re-humanizes our way of living together by tapping ...

Pour l'histoire nationale

Par (auteur) Gérard Bouchard
Catégories: Études culturelles

Le fil directeur de ce livre tient dans la crise qui menace actuellement les fondements symboliques de nos sociétés où les principaux vecteurs traditionnels de transmission culturelle (églises, école, ...


Par (auteur) Paul Berton
Catégories: Culture populaire

A thought-provoking and provocative challenge to consumerism (with plenty of name-dropping and celebrity antics).

Sassy and satirical, Shopomania is an economic, environmental and social study. This light-hearted, ...

Dinner on Mars

“This culinary cosmic outing is as creative as it is informative.” — STARRED review, Publishers Weekly

From Impossible Burgers to lab-made sushi, two witty, plugged-in food scientists explore leading-edge ...

Savoir faire

Des gestes mille fois répétés, de précieux conseils, une sagesse ancrée dans le présent, SAVOIR FAIRE recense les connaissances de nos grands-parents qui ont le potentiel insoupçonné de nous outiller ...

Growing and Eating Sustainably

The industrial food system, from production to consumption and waste, is a major contributor to environmental, social, and economic problems. Powerful multinational corporations have consolidated control ...

Goodbye, Guns N’ Roses

Par (auteur) Art Tavana
Catégories: Musique populaire

The final statement on one of the greatest bands of the twentieth century. A definitive, uncensored and exclusive biography of Guns N’ Roses entire history from a celebrated music journalist with exclusive ...