Gendering Government

Feminist Engagement with the State in Australia and Canada

Par (auteur) Louise Chappell
Catégories: Politique et gouvernement, Sciences humaines et sociales
Éditeur: UBC Press
Hardcover : 9780774809658, 224 pages, Novembre 2002

Table des matières



1 Gender and Political Institutions in Australia and Canada

2 Feminists in Australia and Canada: Identities, Ideas, Strategies,
and Structures

3 The Feminist Electoral Project: Working against the Grain

4 The Femocrat Strategy: Challenging Bureaucratic Norms and

5 Feminists and the Constitutional and Legal Realms: Creating New

6 Feminists and Federalism: Playing the Multilevel Game

7 Feminists and Institutions: A Two-Way Street



This comparative study examines feminist engagement with a broad range of political institutions in Australia and Canada.

La description

Feminists, like other political actors, cannot avoid the state. Whether they want equal pay, anti-domestic violence laws, refugee or childcare centres, they must engage with state institutions. What determines the nature and extent of this involvement? Why are some feminists more willing to engage with some institutions, while others are not? Gendering Government seeks to answer these questions through a comparison of feminist engagement with political institutions in Australia and Canada.


  • Winner, Outstanding Academic Title, Choice Magazine 2004


She offers analysis of the formation of late twentieth century feminist politics, or electoral politics, bureaucracies, courts, federal institutions, and NGOs. Her claim that this is the first work to offer this level of analysis is a strong one: she considers a range of institutions and time frames for both countries. It is a rich and full picture.

- Catherine Dauvergne

An important contribution to feminist political science and will be of interest to the discipline generally . .. I especially admire its clear, jargon-free style of writing, a pleasure to read.

- Jill Vickers