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Copyright is one of the cornerstones of western civilization; it is as relevant today, if not more so, than it was when the first formal copyright laws were enacted in the eighteenth century.

With the rise of the Digital Age, new challenges have been brought to the frontlines of the copyright battle. Online piracy, extensive unauthorized use of copyrighted works by educational institutions, and artificial intelligence are testing the ability of copyright laws to protect creators and their intellectual property.

Canada’s copyright laws are out of step with other western democracies and are overdue for updating. They need to be resilient and adaptive to the digital age to promote the production of new work and ideas.


“Flouting copyright is not a morally justifiable evasion of state power, it is theft, pure and simple. And if we don’t defend it, we risk waking up to a world in which artists are no longer able to provide the culture and entertainment we all seem to desire so badly.”

- Steven Beattie

In Defence of Copyright is an essential and surprisingly engaging read for anyone seeking a grounded and thoughtful perspective on the contentious issues around intellectual property in the 21st century.”

- Roani Levy via LinkedIn, CEO and President of Access Copyright

“This book is filled with important information and excellent insights. The author’s takes on how we should think about copyright are, to my mind, the best and proper takes. It’s a great read and a helpful resource. You should buy it … please don’t illegally download it.”

- John Degen