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Rethinking the Politics of Labour in Canada, 2nd ed.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need to re-establish the labour movement’s political capacity to exert collective power in ways that foster greater opportunity and equality for working-class ...

Laws of the Constitution

Par (auteur) Donald F. Bur
Catégories: Constitution

Laws of the Constitution: Consolidated gathers all of the historical and contemporary constitutional documents pertaining to Canada, its provinces, and its territories, organized thematically and topically ...


Par (auteur) Anne-Marie Saint-Cerny
Traduit par W. Donald Wilson
Catégories: Droit du transport

In this fascinating piece of investigative journalism, written like a thriller, journalist and social activist Anne-Marie Saint-Cerny reveals the inner workings of the 2013 Lac-Mégantic rail disaster ...

Le secret ministériel

Par (auteur) Yan Campagnolo
Préface de Louis LeBel
Catégories: Droit constitutionnel et administratif
Séries: Dikè

Cet ouvrage vise à défendre le secret ministériel comme doctrine essentielle au bon fonctionnement du système de gouvernement responsable mais critique le caractère excessif des dispositions législatives ...

The Death of a Butterfly

The Death of a Butterfly explores the mental health court and its relationship with the mentally disordered accused from the perspective of Ontario Court Justice Richard D. Schneider. How do the courts ...

Canada’s Official Languages

Canada’s official languages legislation fundamentally altered the composition and operational considerations of federal institutions. With legislative change, Canada’s public service has achieved ...

Entryways to Criminal Justice

How do societies decide whom to criminalize? What does it mean to accuse someone of being an offender? Entryways to Criminal Justice analyzes the thresholds that distinguish law-abiding individuals from ...

Surrogacy in Canada

This book brings together a range of critical perspectives on the governance of surrogacy in Canada. The chapters offer insight into how to address the challenges of regulating surrogacy (in Canada and ...


Par (auteur) Nancy Morrison
Avant-propos de Stevie Cameron
Catégories: Condamnation et exécution des peines
Séries: Reflections

Fifty years in a law profession she loves, twenty-four of which were spent as judge, Nancy Morrison has stories to tell. Being a former judge, Nancy could not have written this book during the 24 years ...

Racial Profiling and Human Rights in Canada

Racial profiling is a hot-button topic that elicits strong responses on both sides. A series of public discussions has so far failed to yield a conclusive consensus. Racial Profiling and Human Rights ...