Table des matières


The Indigenomics Manifestation

1. Through the Lens of Worldview
The Indian Problem
Indigenous Economic Displacement and Marginalization
Indigenous Worldview and Responsibility

2. The Nature of Wealth
Timeline of Money
Ceremony as an Expression of Wealth
The Economic Distortion: Through the Lens of Wealth and Poverty

3. The Landscape of Indigenous Worldview
Principle 1: Everything Is Connected
Principle 2: Story
Principle 3: Animate Life Force
Principle 4: Transformation
Principle 5: The Teachings
Principle 6: Creation Story
Principle 7: Protocol
Principle 8: To Witness
Principle 9: To Make Visible
Principle 10: Renewal

4. "But I Was Never Taught This in School"
A History of the Development of British Columbia

5. The Indigenous Economy
Characteristics of an Indigenous Economy

6. Indian Act Economics
The Indian Act and the Aboriginal Question
The Indian Act Economics Effect: The Conditions for an Indigenous Economic Market Failure
Perception of the Indian Act

7. The Indigenomics Power Center
The Indigenomics Push/Pull Dynamic
7 Rs of the Indigenomics Power Center

8. The Dependancy Illusion
The Great Debunk: Addressing the Illusion

9. The Power Play
And Then Indigenous People Went to Court!
The Legal Spectrum
The Push/Pull Dynamic: An Inception into a New Economic Reality

10. The Power Shift: A Seat at the Economic Table
The Effect of the Emerging Indigenous Power Shift
The Risk of Doing Nothing
The Collective Response to Now

11. The Emerging Modern Indigenous Economy
Setting a Target for Indigenous Economic Growth
Understanding the Growth of the Indigenous Economy
The State of Indigenous Economic Research
Building a Collective Economic Response: The Emerging $100 Billion Indigenous Economy

12. Indigenomics and the Unfolding Media Narrative
Indigenous Business Media Themes
Media Theme 1: Growing Indigenous Business Success
Media Theme 2: Conflict and Risk in Industry Project Development
Media Theme 3: Tone of Media Headings
Media Theme 4: Aboriginal Legal Challenges and New Requirements
Media Theme 5: Indigenous Business Innovation and Leadership
Media Theme 6: Indigenous Worldview
Media Theme 7: Aboriginal Relations/Reconciliation
Media Theme 8: Growing Indigenous Economic Influence
Media Theme 9: Shifting Aboriginal Business Environment
Media Theme 10: Indigenous Ownership
Media Visual Portrayals of Conflict and the Assertion of Aboriginal Rights

13. Building a Toolbox for Economic Reconciliation
Reconciliation and the Pathway to an Inclusive Economy
The Characteristics of an Inclusive Economy
The Indigenomics Toolbox

14. The Global Indigenous Power Shift
Ecuador: The Power Moment
Bolivia: The Law of the Rights of Mother Earth Power Moment
Clayoquot Sound: The War in the Woods Power Moment
New Zealand: The Rights of a River Power Moment
Māori Economy Measured at $50 billion Annually: Power Moment
United Nations Calls for Revolutionary Thinking: Power Moment

15. Indigenomics and the Great Convergence
Economic Distortion: Addressing Dysfunctionality in the New Economy
Regeneration: The Great Convergence
Economic Design for an Inclusive Economy
The Great Economic Convergence and the Transformation of Meaning
An Economy of Meaning
Addressing the Economic Disconnect

16. A Seat at the Economic Table

Appendix A: The Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth
Appendix B: Truth and Reconcilation Commision Call to Action #92

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Igniting the $100 billion Indigenous economy

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Indigenomics lays out the tenets of the emerging Indigenous economy, built around relationships, multigenerational stewardship, and care for all. Includes voices of leading First Nations business leaders. Powerful reading for business leaders, policymakers, and economists.


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