nehiyawetan kikinahk? / Speaking Cree in the Home

A Beginner's Guide for Families

Par (auteur) Andrea Custer & Belinda Daniels
Avant-propos de Solomon Ratt
Illustré par Lana Whiskeyjack
Catégories: Être parent, Famille et santé, Santé, relations et développement personnel
Éditeur: University of Regina Press
Paperback : 9780889779006, 122 pages, Octobre 2022

Table des matières

  • Foreword by Solomon Ratt
  • Part One: nēhiyaw pīkiskwēwin ācimowin / The History of the Cree Language

nēhiyawak / The nēhiyawak

kahkiyaw nanātohk nēhiyawak / Locating the Many Different Types of Cree People

ohtaskānēsiwin ācimowina / Stories of ‘Place’

āhtaskēwi-mōskīstākēwin / The Invasion

kayāsi-kiskinwahamākosiwin kiki kāwi ka-kī-ohpinikātēk pīkiskwēwin / A Brief History of Indigenous Ways of Learning with a Focus on Language Revitalization

iyiniw-ayisiyinīw kiskinawahamātowin / Indigenous Education

ka-wanāhikoyahk nēhiyaw kiskinawahamātowin / The Interruption of nēhiyaw Lifelong Learning

kāwī-kimiskāsonaw—iyiniw-ayisiyinīwiwin pimātisiwin ē-ohpinamahk / Finding Our Way Back—Indigenous Reclamation

iyiniw-ayisiyinīwiwin pīkiskwēwin ka-ohpinamahk—at(i)-nīkān / Indigenous Language Reclamation—The Way Forward

  • Part Two: kā-āsōnamākēhk / Leaving a Legacy

kā-sākōcihikoyahk ēkwa kā-ātawēyihtamahk mōniyāw māmitonēyihcikan / Colonization and Decolonization

ohtaskānēsiwin ēkwa pimohtēhiwin / Roots and Routes

pīkikiskwēwin ēkwa nēhiyawātisiwin ispīhtēyihtākwan / The Value of Language and Culture

ēwako kā-sākihitāyan, kimiyikosiwin anima / Your Passion Is Your Gift

miyo-ohpikihāwasowin / Good Child-Rearing

  • Part Three: sōskwāc ta-āpacihtāyēk nēhiyawēwin kīkiwāhk / The Practical Application of Cree in the Home

okāwimāw ōma niya/ I Am a Mother

mācihtātan / Let’s Begin

osihtā pīkiskwēwin kaskihtāwina/ Setting Language Goals

 kā-miyo-āpatahki kīkwaya/ Methods

āpacihcikana/ Resources

 ka-ayamihtāhk nēhiyawasinahikēwin / Reading Cree Standard Roman Orthography

nēhiyawēwin itwēwina / Cree Vocabulary

 ka-nēhiyawēyan kīkihk / Speaking Cree Around the Home

mitātahtomitanaw māwaci kā-āpatahki itwēwina / 100 High-Frequency Words and Phrases

isīhcikēwina kiya ēkwa kicawāsimis ohci / Activities for You and Your Child

sīhkimitowina / Inspirational Quotes

nanāskomowin / Acknowledgments

  • Notes
  • References
  • About the Authors

La description

A hands-on guide for parents and caregivers to develop best practices in revitalizing and teaching Cree to young children.
In nēhiyawētān kīkināhk /Speaking Cree in the Home, Belinda Daniels and Andrea Custer provide an introductory text to help families immerse themselves, their children, and their homes in nēhiyawēwin—the Cree language.

 Despite the colonial attacks on Cree culture, language, and peoples, Custer and Daniels remind readers that the traditional ways of knowing and transferring knowledge to younger generations have not been lost and can be revived in the home, around the table, every day.
nēhiyawētān kīkināhk /Speaking Cree in the Home is an approachable, hands-on manual that helps to re-forge connections between identity, language, family, and community—by centering Indigenous knowledge and providing Cree learners and speakers with a practical guide to begin their own journey of reclaiming and revitalizing Cree in the home.
Readers are guided through methods for language learning, the basics of reading Cree and Standard Roman Orthography, pronunciation of vowels, engaging language-learning games, and examples of high-frequency words and phrases that can easily be incorporated into daily routines and taught to children young and old.


  • Short-listed, Publishing in Education Award, Saskatchewan Book Award 2023


Shortlisted, Publishing in Education Award, Saskatchewan Book Award, 2023

“This is a welcome book for all who are interested in learning the Cree language, either for themselves alone or for themselves and their families. The book offers good guidance on the best practices in language learning based on the authors’ personal experiences in their respective language journeys.” —Solomon Ratt, author of mâci-nêhiyawêwin / Beginning Cree
“A major contribution, this book will be a useful resource in Cree classes, at both high school and university levels. But it is also useful for home use, as it describes the practical application of speaking Cree in the home and provides in an easy-to-read format and details a hands-on approach too.” —Dorothy Thunder (Plains Cree, Little Pine First Nation), Faculty of Native Studies, University of Alberta

“The activity-based learning lessons that are presented here should serve as a model not only for teaching the language in a family setting, but in any other formal and informal settings, because they cover all aspects of teaching and learning; the content, variety of methods, appropriate timing and setting. . . . The pioneering in Cree language acquisition and revival has begun and hopefully this book reaches all interested individuals.” —Ken Paupanekis, author of Pocket Cree: A Phrasebook for Nearly All Occasions