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Childhood Unplugged

Par (auteur) Katherine Johnson Martinko
Catégories: Être parent

Ditch the devices and bring back the magic of being a kid

Screens are everywhere. Children spend an average of 7.5 hours on digital devices every day with profoundly negative consequences. While some tech ...

I Want a Better Catastrophe

Par (auteur) Andrew Boyd
Catégories: Changements climatiques

An existential manual for tragic optimists, can-do pessimists, and compassionate doomers

With global warming projected to rocket past the 1.5°C limit, lifelong activist Andrew Boyd is thrown into a crisis ...

Frequently Asked White Questions

Are you a white person with questions about how race affects different situations, but you feel awkward, shy, or afraid to ask the people of colour in your life? Are you a racialized person who is tired ...

Families, Mobility, and Work

Employment-related geographical mobility is widespread and increasing within Canada and around the world. Prolonged daily commutes, working away for extended periods, and being employed in mobile workplaces ...

Good Mom on Paper

The experience of motherhood is monumental, yet rarely discussed in connection with literary or creative life. How do we navigate the twin devotions of love and art? How does motherhood disrupt the creative ...

Open Every Window

Par (auteur) Jane Munro
Catégories: Mémoires

Open Every Window reveals the pain and power inherent in loving and being loved. A poignant evocation for anyone who has experienced loss, it will entrance with its lyricism and comfort with the writer’s ...

How The Light Shines

This book is for caregivers who have a desire not only to hone their caring skills, but also to deepen their relationship with God through their care. It explores feelings of loss and challenge, but turns ...


Par (auteur) Véronique Leduc
Illustré par Mathilde Corbeil
Catégories: Infécondité et infertilité

En voulant devenir maman, la journaliste Véronique Leduc ne se doutait pas qu’au cours des cinq années qui suivraient s’enchaîneraient les injections, les médicaments, les inséminations et les ...

À bas les kilos

Par (auteur) Hubert Cormier
Catégories: Régimes et diètes

Vous y trouverez 300 trucs et astuces simples et originaux pour perdre du poids tout en vous permettant quelques folies qui font du bien. Choisissez les trucs qui vous plaisent et intégrez-les à votre ...