Table des matières

  • : Introduction
  • : Out There: Boys’ Lives
  • : In Here: The Care/Custody Mangle
  • : Out There: Men’s Lives
  • : In Here: The Prisoning of Men
  • : Conclusion
  • : Appendix

La description


“A uniquely vivid and readable account of how masculinities and violence are constructed both in the community ‘out there’ and in prison, ‘in here.’ Drawing on life-history interviews of incarcerated men, Elizabeth Comack offers a fascinating analysis of the varying and interconnecting masculine and violent pathways by these men and how their changing and often contradictory social practices are related to local and regional hegemonic masculinities. Out There/In Here is a timely, scholarly and captivating contribution to the literature in criminology, masculinities, and gender studies–I highly recommend it!”

- James W. Messerschmidt, Professor of Sociology/Women and Gender Studies, University of Southern Maine